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Welcome To My Fine Art Photography Gallery!

My images explore the essence of grace in movement. In retrospect, my childhood dreams were filled with a magical dance; a rhythm; a blissful sense of surreal motion in everything. This still lingers today in my photographs.

If a subject that interests me is still, then I find a way to release its tranquil gesture of life; its inner movement and pulse. These photographs can be soft, less defined, minimalist and sometimes even sensual. If a subject is already in motion, I capture its free-form ballet. The subject’s own performance – it’s bending, stooping, rising, gliding joy of life.

Even when I photograph man-made structures or nature’s vast scenery, I am compelled by that same dance and fluidity and bring that into my completed images. These are my visions - the dreamy, wispy, bold or expansive, of soft-palette or graphic nature - while I remain the constant student on my own photographic journey.