Art for Interiors

For Interior Designers and Art Consultants

My photographic art is in private homes, offices as well as corporate collections. I have artworks that satisfy a wide variety of tastes that are needed in today’s indoor environments. I can give the art designer/consultant a wide variety of subjects that should please their clients.

It is a great moment for me when I realize that you, the designers and consultants that come to me, understand how your clients feel about the surroundings in which the art they purchase will be displayed. This is important to me as an artist. The art collections I can assist in pulling together for you should make them feel something; move them in some way when they see the pieces. Finding these appropriate art works from my collections that fit with your clients’ interests is always a joint venture. I accommodate all client price points and themes. 

After building a selection of just one or many pieces, adding suggestions, and making changes, I generate a final selection of photographs with proper sizes and pricing for you to review with your clients. My art pieces are produced by trusted vendors in small to extra-large sizes; can easily range from a modest sized piece in a corner nook or small area, as well as featured on mid-sized and larger walls. I welcome you to view my differing Collections and Galleries within them so see my work.

Karen Hanley Colbert