Karen Hanley Colbert | NEW - Light In Motion
29 videos

Most images of mine are best enjoyed as they were originally intended - quiet, still and enduringly soft and pleasing in their static form. Some others, however, speak to a different mindset of viewers. The images in this Gallery are a few of those that beg to show off their beauty in motion. They are short videos(25-30secs each), some with sound, and take just a moment before the eye can discern the movements but all still have the dimension of softness and subtly that tolled loudly in my heart and mind when originally captured.

Marsh Grasses Floating

Scarlet Leaves

Blooming Garden 5

Scarlet Leaves 2

Shoreline At Sunrise 6

Marshland Sunrise

Angel's Wings

Sailing At Sunset

Bird In Flight

Curves In Abstract

Shapes In Abstract

Linen In Moonlight

Misty Shoreline

Nature's Beginnings

The Rose

Pincushion Protea

Red Cordyline


Rain On The Marsh

Breeze Through The Forest