Swirls of color dotted with white lightsA few sprigs of Marsh Grass growing out of  a pondAbstract ReflectionSailboat Moored on RiverReflections of trees in nearby waterBlues, turquoise emerald greens with swirlsSoft glowing light on pathways and the edges of lakesBranches In A Different LightFlowing Peachy and Lite Blue Fabric with Small TearsDeep green waters with white frothy tops in slow motionsoft undefined shades of blues, greens with bright yellow in middleReflections in Glass Walled BuildingsWrought Iron work with Scrolls and Spear TipsDarkened sky over city buildings surrounded by orange hazeDriftwood TexturesOld FaceDriftwood at SunriseDriftwood Beach Moments-1Prehistoric Buried DriftwoodDriftwood Beach Moments-2