Karen Hanley Colbert | Digital Paintings
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Look closely (dbl click an image), this grouping of images shows the deeper artistic vision that I had in my mind's eye when capturing the original image. These are not meant to be representational art at all. I do 'paint' with textures and filters and these pieces are the full story of the vision I had at the start.

Coming Storm

Beach, Clouds, Storm Clouds


Surfing Atlantic Ocean

Park Bench 2

Park bench in the woods, bench and trees

Through The Woods

Pathway in the woods, Trail in Woods

Dune Sunrise

Dune Grasses at Sunrise, Beach Dunes at Sunrise

Dune Sunrise 2

Dunes at Sunrise, Dune Grasses

Sunset Clouds on Pond

Pond with Clouds reflected, Lili Pads, Grasses

Island Times

Beach Scene

Girls Volleyball

Beach Scene, Girl Volleyball on Beach

Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella, Beach, Grasses,

To The Beach

Sand Pathway to Beach

At The Ready

Palm Tree, Life-Ring, Beach

Morning Surf

Rocks on Beach, Waves, Rocks, Coastline

Shades of a June Sunrise

Sunrise, Ocean, Eastcoast

Reeds 2

Reeds in Water in Marshes

1950s Packard Swan

1950s Packard Swan