Karen Hanley Colbert | Bubbles of Color
6 photos

A sink full of dishes, a bubble-bath, a child with a bubble wand - all are familiar and each lead me to this Gallery of images. At the very second a bubble is about to break the water's surface, the rounded shapes become clear to our eye. the the bubble bursts and that soft shape is gone forever. I have captured some bubbles looking down into the water.

Bubbles In The Begining

Bubbles with deep blue background and bright yellow star in the middle

Bubbles Of Amber

Bubbles rising from deep oranges and browns in this image

Bubbles of Green and Magenta

Mostly white water with tones of magenta and soft greens

Bubbles From Stones In A River

Pebbles in a stream with white waters rushing over them.

Bubbles Of Green and Coral

A base of emerald greens and bright oranges, bubbles rise to the surface

Bubbles Of Coral and Pink

A light pink with some deeper tones underly these bubbles as they are about to burst on the surface.