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Some days I feel like the world is lighting up around me. Showing it's deeper recesses boldly in front of me. The shadows playing across the surfaces, caught by the rays of the Sun. Defining themselves against the darker corners. Dbl click any image to increase image size.
Modular structure with multi-colored wavesVibrant red background with silhouettes of treesBuildings reflecting after-sunset colors with darkness all aroundDeep blues and yellows exploding from the middle outward within a structure.Shades of green and red in streaks over a bed of turquoisBlue glass bottle with candle flame on topAngles of pinks, yellows, redsDeep blues, yellows and oranges in stained glassFields  in shades of brown and green showing plow marksBlues and yellows twirlingBright Fuchsia pinks with blue & green borderDark black and deep green creating hole in the ground with sparks flying aboveLarge Blue Green disk with wavy lines, ringsSharp spears of blue & green bursting from centerIntense crisscrossed Squares and linesOranges, Yellows, Lines, Shadows on a Limestone PillarBlue Green Lines with misty waves throughoutBlues, and Deep Coral, Lines, Shadows on a Limestone PillarRounded window tops at different angels with blue and green limestone detailsOranges, Yellows, Lines, Shadows on a Limestone Pillar