Welcome to Making Impressions with Light!

The artistic effects you will see in some of my galleries come from a blend of in-camera techniques and post-processing. I use camera-motion, multiple exposures and long exposures to express my impressionistic 'modern dance' – whether the subject is animate or inanimate. My creative process is deliberate and at the same time, fanciful. My varied techniques, developed and combined over the years with input from many mentors, can give images the feel of impressionist paintings and represent my own innovative approach to abstract artistic and impressionist photography.

As most Fine Art photographers do, I, too, go beyond the limits of photo-realistic, representative reportage. A lot of my art transcends the literal and becomes the stuff of my dreams, emotions and imagination. I am happiest when I make photographs that smile back at me.

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(Watermarks are removed before printing. Please 'contact' me with questions or requests.)