Serene views of the ocean or riverVibrant cloud-filled orange sky above ocean with reflections on sandHeavy surf crashing on sand with red & purple pre-dawn sky above.Just before sunrise with deep blue sky and crescent moonA Sunrise Turned MagicalImage of orange and yellow sunset clouds reflected in pond with tall grassesBrilliant orange sunset sky with sailboat moving by.Sunrise covered halfway with cloudsReflections of pylons in wet sand under a pierSunset on marsh riversunset on marsh river with treeVermillion skies at sunset with foreboding darkened sky and earthLooking up from a low vantage pointImage of the sea and marshes on North Carolina eastern coastal areasAbstract sunset between pyramidsSunrise behind trees and Palm TreeSmall wisps of a bird feather nestles in a fernSmall new green leaf opening up leavesSmall yellow orchid bud with soft green background in square shapeTiny palm frond thread twisting in the wind into a heart-shaped form against dark blues of evening