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Sunrise through Sunset, rain or shine, one can never see too many soft or bold skies above. Also - see more 'Skyscapes' in my 'B&W Naturescapes' Gallery. Click any image to increase size.
Wide bay of water with clouds superimposed over the waterDark clouds superimposed over a bay of calm waterOpen clouds above with storm clouds on horizon at end of beach areaImage of the sea and marshes on North Carolina eastern coastal areasFlights of Fancy 8Single Seagull in the sky in motionTwo Seagulls in flight in slow-motionFlights of Fancy 4Three Seagulls in motion in the skyDelicate and soft rendering of a river in the late afternoon haze.Sky below and dark orange sunset above with shadow walking on boardwalk in middleInfrared image of wetlands in early morning in InfraredBeach scene in distance from end of pier with coming storm