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Even some trees in southern climates can shed their leaves and needles during the cooler fall and winter months. Living in the sandy soil, they still offer a graceful addition to any view be it ocean or marsh. Their silent majesty reigns over us all.
Trees in Florida Winter, MarshlandA photograph of a tree softly rendered with light pastel colorsReflections of two palm trees in the blue waterDead Tree Trunk and BranchesView of sandy beach with overhanging tree limb aboveView of sandy beach with overhanging tree limb aboveTree Branch Over BeachTrees in Florida Winter, MarshlandTrees in Florida Winter, MarshlandLooking up from a low vantage pointPainterly view of the wetlandsLive Oak Tree with Spanish Moss in TwilightA tall Maple Tree appears to be a Weeping Willow with patches of blue sky coming throughImpressionist Photography, Sunsets, MarshesMangroves on The RiverA bleached leafless branch lying on the marsh floor in a puddleBeige Tree with Fencesunset on marsh river with treeSunset on marsh river