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Some of the most enjoyable and beautiful part of Nature's expression are found in her details.
Driftwood at SunsetDriftwood at SunrisePrehistoric Buried DriftwoodPrehistoric DriftwoodDriftwood Beach Moments-1Driftwood Beach Moments-2Driftwood Beach Moments-3Small shaped ivy on the groundSmall wisps of a bird feather nestles in a fernSmall red berry caught in web dangling in breezesSmall new green leaf opening up leavesGreen leaves and their reflections in the muddy river belowBranches In A Different LightSmall area of branch lit by moon light; dark shadows in backgroundLily Pads, Marsh Grasses, PondSeveral lily pads and tall stems of grass in marshImage of orange and yellow sunset clouds reflected in pond with tall grassesSmall yellow orchid bud with soft green background in square shapeAustrailian Pine turned yellow in the fallSoft glowing light on pathways and the edges of lakes