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Some of the most enjoyable and beautiful part of Nature's expression are found in her details.
Close-up of Spider Wed in black and whiteA bare branch sillhouetted against white skyTwo fern leaves poking throu Venitian BlindBouy 2Driftwood at SunsetDriftwood at SunrisePrehistoric Buried DriftwoodSmall shaped ivy on the groundSmall leaves of ivy in the grass - in B&WDew drop at end of plant leaf showing Pink and White colorsSmall wisps of a bird feather nestles in a fernSmall red berry caught in web dangling in breezesSmall yellow orchid bud with soft green background in square shapeSmall new green leaf opening up leavesSmall Mushroom in Large LawnString of small weeds in water, black and whiteTiny flowers bloom in forest in B&WBranches In A Different LightSmall area of branch lit by moon light; dark shadows in backgroundDriftwood Textures