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Brighter concepts or deeper directions, the absolute need to create is the wind at my back these days. The unending urge to just fly high, dance wildly and brood internally is my driving force here. Dbl click any image to increase image size.
Horizontal white lines with background of purples, pinks and oranges.Pale peach color with brighter yellows on center and swirls in middleDarkened sky over city buildings surrounded by orange hazeA large waterfall surrounded by various pastel colorsTones of Blue and Magenta with peach spotsA bare curvy tree in dark colors against a mosaic tile-like backgroundVibrant red water rising from a deep blue pool.Swirls of color dotted with white lightsGrey and White background with Blue vertical panels in frontDeep blues, greens with semi-circles of yellowMainly blue and pink with red-two semi circlesLight pastels in the shape of the back of a headA wall with a board leaning against it.Sheets of blue and green flowing left to rightModular structure with multi-colored wavesBuildings reflecting after-sunset colors with darkness all aroundDeep blues and yellows exploding from the middle outward within a structure.Small and large blocks of color, mostly yellow tonesShades of green and red in streaks over a bed of turquoisBlue glass bottle with candle flame on top