These images are conceived purely in my imagination. As I begin pulling together different photographs to further understand their possible interplay, a murmur of a concept emerges. I will continue to play until the image tells me it is complete. Click any image to increase size.
VaporBlues and aquas of the Caribbean with Greek stylized columnsBlocks of blue, green and aqua colorsSheets of blue and green flowing left to rightPink, peach and beige tones vertically through the blue skiesTones of Blue and Magenta with peach spotsHorizontal white lines with background of purples, pinks and oranges.Untitled 1Pale pinks and Peach blocks of colorCilanders and broad horizontal lines in soft [inks, blues, peach tonesPinks, Oranges with Upward Curves and Horizontal BarsBright Pinks and Blues, squaresModular structure with multi-colored wavesA wall with a board leaning against it.Shadows of The Roman Numeral One with Pink and Coral  backgroundPale yellow and beige blocks of colorYellows, Pinks, green, all in squaresSmall and large blocks of color, mostly yellow tonesRoman Numeral One Upside down in shades of deep Yellows and Pinks around the edgesOranges, Yellows, Lines, Shadows on a Limestone Pillar